Scott Hamilton in Denmark and Sweden

Just came home from a wonderful 8-gig tour with Scott Hamilton in Denmark and Sweden (in Denmark we were joined by danish jazz nestor Jesper Thilo).

First time I played with Scott was at Huddinge Jazz Festival in 1994 so this year is my "24th anniversary" playing with him. Next gig will be the 9th of November at Cosmopolite/Oslo.

Yesterday we had the annual celebration for Monica Zetterlund at a sold-out Berwaldhallen - the Swedish prime minister in the audience. I played with Monica for four years and me she will forever be the Nr 1 Swedish jazz vocalist (we are both born in the county of Värmland). She continues to influence generation after generation of Swedish jazz musicians.

Soon it’s time for the Stockholm Jazz Festival - check ”gigs” for my festival schedule. :-)