Charlie Haden Quartet West

For some time the beautiful music of Charlie Haden Quartet West has been pouring out from my speakers and headphones. I used to listen to the group in the 90ies and also heard them live in the Netherlands (five stars ..) but somehow they dissappeared from my radar in the flood of all new releases and re-releases of the jazzclassics.

The quartet consisted of four different, strong voices and played repertoire of carfully choosen "not so well known" standards, original music as well as filmthemes from the 30's & 40's. The members were Charlie, Ernie Watts, Alan Broadbent and four different drummers over the years: Billy Higgins, Lawrence Marble, Paul Motian and Rodney Green. Luckily the band are well represented on recordings: 7 CDs (on Verve) plus a live recording - Charlie Haden "Private collection"(Naim).

In my humble opinion - one of the really classic jazzgroups of recent times. Go and check them out!